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Browse through our quality brushes, painting tools, and pottery accessories to add to your shopping cart with what you would like to help you with your pottery painting experience at home. You may order multiples of each item when you checkout.

Brushes & Painting Tools :: Finished Pottery Accessories

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Brushes & Painting Tools... top
"Kid Pack" Deluxe Beginner Brush Set
Brush sizes perfect for kids!

Price: $15.50

High-Quality Artist's Grip Brushes
Ergonomically designed with thick acrylic handles and a soft rubber grip. 72 brush sizes available. Please e-mail to special request the size and style you are looking for.
Large Shader
size 12

Price: $4.25

Small Shader
size 4

Price: $4.25

Large Wash
size 3/4"

Price: $4.25

Medium Short Round
size 8

Price: $4.25

Small Short Liner/Detailer
size 20/0

Price: $4.25

Medium Fan
size 2

Price: $4.25

We offer 72 sizes of the Artist Grip brushes. Please e-mail to special request the size and style you are looking for if it's not listed above.
"Quality Pack" Introductory Brush Set
Quality brushes for general painting

Price: $21.50

Pottery Painting Tools
Cleaning/Painting Sponge

Price: $0.75

Painting Palette
10 well round artist palette

Price: $1.75

Etching Tool

Price: $3.80

Masking Tape
Many sizes available, 60 yards per roll

1/8" width
Price: $2.40

1/4" width
Price: $1.20

1/2" width
Price: $1.65

3/4" width
Price: $2.50

1" width
Price: $3.25

1 1/2" width
Price: $4.75

2" width
Price: $6.40

3" width
Price: $10.00

Finished Pottery Accessories... top
Wood Frame for Ceramic Tile
We will mount your finished painted tile into the wood frame and deliver them together in our final shipment to you.

for the 4 1/4" Tile
Price: $8.00

for the 6" Tile
Price: $10.00

Adhesive Rubber Trivet Feet
for ceramic tiles

Price: $1.50 for 4 "feet"

Plate Wall Hanger

For plates 5" to 8"
Desert/Salad Plate
Price: $2.45

For plates 8" to 11"
Dinner & Charger Plates
Price: $2.85

For plates 11" to 16"
Charger & Server Platters
Price: $3.10

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