PAINT YOUR OWN POTTERY AT HOME a creatively unique service only from Dynamic Patterns
now you can paint your own pottery anytime at home where ever you live!
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On Sabbatical

Thank you so much for your interest in painting your own pottery At Home from Dynamic Patterns! We have been helping people all across the country paint their own pottery since 2001, but we are currently choosing to take asabbaticalto pursue other creative experiences. So, we will not be taking any new orders until further notice. If you have an open order that still needs final kiln firing, we will be able to finish your order without delay.

If you are interested in hearing from us when pyop At Home becomes active once again, please Contact Us with a message and we'll keep you on our list.

In the mean time, check out our other creative and professional endeavors we are focusing on right now...

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Michelle & Matthew Dearing
October 14, 2012


pyop At Home from Dynamic Patterns is the paint your own pottery studio
for everyone located anywhere in the United States!

paint your own pottery At Home is as easy as... :: ORDER ONLINE ::
order pottery and supplies online we'll deliver to your doorstep so you may paint your pottery at home send your pottery back to our studio - the shipping is free! we'll professionally kiln fire your pottery and return your personal masterpiece

*FREE! shipping & handling on orders of $25 or more.

Enjoy the wonderfully creative experience of hand painting your own pottery with our high-quality ceramics and professional glazes to create your own one-of-a-kind masterpiece ...

in the comfort of your own home.

pyop At Home is perfect for personal relaxation after a hectic day, a great entertaining activity for the kids, or a unique event for a birthday party, shower, or a memorable Girls Night Out.

Imagine the possibilities...
from one of our creative customers...
The special attention they gave me during my ordering process for several different families was amazing.

I think it was fun to add the anticipation of shipping our pieces off to be kiln fired and waiting for their return. The kids were so excited when the box arrived on our doorstep and they couldn't wait to see their painted plates!
... Dawn :: Elmira, New York




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